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Use Cases

Flezr empowers you to build all kinds of dynamic, data-driven websites in a fun, stress-free way.
Explore these popular use cases to spark ideas for your next project!

Directories and Lists

Whether you need to curate app and tool catalogs, provide a central scholarship resource for students seeking funding, spotlight influential creators and social impact makers, showcase the latest course offerings, maintain an immigration resource portal, provide remote professionals data about co-working spaces, or introduce entrepreneurs to investors data - Flezr seamlessly syncs data from Google Sheets to dynamically generated listings.

Property Listings

Effortlessly promote properties online with dynamic listings powered by Google Sheet data. Flezr generates beautifully designed individual property pages and searchable listings that homebuyers and renters can filter by location, size, amenities and more.

Job Boards

Easily launch a dynamic job board that pulls job listings from a Google Sheet into categorized, searchable cards. Highlight open positions, companies, roles and customise the design fully without any hassle. 

Dynamic Events Websites

Use Flezr to build websites to keep audiences up-to-date on your events. Enter speaker bios, session details, and scheduling into organized Google Sheets. Flezr generates filtered listings and individual profile pages dynamically.

Programmatic SEO

Effortlessly build SEO-optimized websites at scale with Flezr. Dynamically generate thousands of pages from your structured Google Sheet data using variable mapping - no coding required.

Restaurant Guide

Help locals and visitors find the perfect spots to eat with a directory powered by restaurant data in your Google Sheets. Dynamically generate pages for each outlet with a detailed review. 

Local Businesses Listings

Showcase your community's small businesses through a beautifully designed directory powered by Google Sheet data.


Provide an engaging way to explore destinations with customized country, state and city pages. Power these through location highlights, points of interest, event listings from data in Google Sheets.

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