Flezr for Agencies

A faster, smarter, and more efficient way to scale your business!

In the digitally-driven world of today, businesses and organizations increasingly rely on dynamic, data-powered websites to engage their audiences effectively. Yet, not all agencies possess the technical expertise or resources necessary to construct these complex websites from scratch.

At Flezr, we understand the challenges your agency faces in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions that require building websites with dynamic data. Our Agency Plan is a comprehensive solution, specifically designed to empower agencies. It enables agencies to create robust, data-centric websites for their clients, all without writing a single line of code.

With our Agency Plan, agencies can link their clients' websites to Google Spreadsheets or Supabase. This connection allows the website to display near real-time data – be it product catalogs, event schedules, user-generated content or more.

Building your client's website becomes a straightforward process. Your clients can effortlessly update their data by making changes in Google Sheets/Supabase, without requiring any technical expertise. To expedite the website creation process further, we provide a diverse library of professionally designed templates. These templates cater to various industries and business needs, and can be customized to align with clients' branding and requirements. This ensures a unique and personalized online presence.

Flezr's Agency Plan is a faster, smarter, and more efficient way to scale your business and exceed your clients' expectations. 

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